What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride?

There is plenty of information concerning fluoride and today we are going to check out the advantages this element of nature can do for you.

What is fluoride?

In the world of chemistry, this component is classified as a halogen, found in water, food, dental products as well as the air we breathe. The amount of how much is concentrated in each item, differentiates. This light, yellow gas only can exist in combination with other elements.

Most of the fluoride used in public drinking comes from inorganic matter such as phosphate rocks. This same material is used in the beverages of Pepsi and Coke, in which it is called phosphate acid.

How it can be helpful…

The benefits of fluoride were first discovered in the early part of the 1900s.The people living in certain areas seemed to have a better appearance of their teeth than those residing elsewhere. It was suspected the drinking water might have something to do with this phenomenon. 

A little bit later on in the 1940s, it was detected a substance called fluoride was protecting individuals’ teeth from dental caries. As time passed, more and more evidence showed the places with fluoride added to the water, the teeth of the citizens did not become mottled or corroded. After observing these findings, the Public Health Services (PHS) started the process of adding a small part of fluoride to the public drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Service (EPA) regulates the standard in which how much of this element can be present in water. This agency was put in place to make sure those in charge would not exceed the amount necessary, in which it could be toxin to the human body. In addition, sodium fluoride therapy has been introduced as a method to assist osteoporosis patients. Although, the treatment seems to increase the size of the bones, it did not lower the person's resistance from experiencing fractures.

There is still more work to be done in this area. However, overall it is conclusive, fluoride helps with oral hygiene, including providing a barrier against tooth decay. 

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